Interview with the Team at E-MPROV


As far as I’m concerned, doing the Bat would be pretty experimental as far as improvised forms go. But Terry Withers has other opinions on the matter. He, along with Amey Goerlich, Harry Gensemer and Nate Smith run E-MPROV, an online theater where teams can perform or improvisers can jam with one another across the country. The catch is that to participate, you have to improvise from your own living room (with our without pants) via Google Hangouts.

I had the pleasure of “sitting down” with these guys over the weekend to hear more about E-MPROV (I was wearing pants!), listen to their stories, and learn first-hand how E-MPROV works. If you thought it was hard keeping track of everything going on while you’re standing on the sidelines, try to hone your listening skills when Facebook is only one alt-tab away!

You can catch the full video interview above, or, if you’d prefer:

Full Audio (available for download for my podcast-loving homies)

Video Interview (if you just want to hear us blab)

Video Improv Jam (if you just came for the haha’s)

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