How To Build Your Own Internet with RSS

the magician

The Magician is about taking an idea and making it real. Sometime during the summer of 2016, I’d had enough; I quit using Facebook.* Worn down by the outrage cycle and fed up with my friends’ newfound “political expertise,” I deleted the app from my phone, removed Messenger, and closed the tab. This series of decisions—probably the best I made that … Read More

Put Your Problems on Paper

eight of coins

The Eight of Coins is about taking some time to yourself to learn and master a new skill. I’ve never been one to keep up with a daily diary or journal. Tim Ferriss recommends morning pages. My friend, Jason Zook, writes 1,000 words every morning that he often just throws away. Austin Kleon keeps three active notebooks, which he uses daily. My own writing, … Read More

Have You Chosen Your Word for 2018 Yet?


Happy New Year! 🎉 Welcome to 2018. You may remember that at this time in 2017 (and 2016), I chose a single word (my lighthouse word) to set the tone for my year ahead. But to be honest, I had not planned to do so for 2018. For starters, I didn’t find last year’s word very…inspiring. In fact, by June, … Read More

Get Some Clarity Before 2018 with the Tarot

7 card tarot spread

One thing social media is still good for: book recommendations. You follow your icons; they share what they’re reading. Often, they’ll be books you’ve never heard of, books outside your area of interest, books that make little sense given that artist’s oeuvre. Sometimes, you might be inclined to pick up those books and expand your own mind. That’s how I … Read More

The Best of 2017: Three Things Worth Sharing

best of 2017

Two satirical Charlie Brown panels. A photo of my two dogs. A pizza menu from Portland. Printed Tweets. Engagement photos. These are just a few things I’ve pinned to the one foot by four foot bulletin board at my office desk. Most of those clippings are there to make me laugh or make me happy, but there are a few … Read More

On Challenges: It’s Not To Late to Create Something Amazing

december challenges

With the year coming to a close, many folks are excited to slip into their Christmas onesies and slow the heck down. There’s less to do in the office, the weather is uninviting, the food is better, and there are plenty of holiday parties to attend (or skip). Some, like myself, are even lucky enough to have a week off … Read More

Don’t Push Me


“We’ll have Editor A saying, ‘Please, just send the alert, send the alert!’ And Editor B’s going, ‘No, we can make this better.’ And it’s aggravating for us that we’re sitting there looking at our lock screens,” knowing an alert on the same story from another paper could pop up at any moment.”Eric Bishop, New York Times via Slate Push … Read More

You Can’t Live Your Life in the Nooks and Crannies.


If you don’t make time for creative work, you won’t have time for creative work. There’s always that lingering temptation to wait—to wait until you’re feeling more inspired, to wait until you’ve had the perfect serving of coffee, to wait until you’re less busy. But you’ll be waiting forever. And, if that day or time ever did come, I’m confident … Read More

On Titles: What You Do Is What You Are


The only thing I wanted for my twelfth birthday was a Sony Handycam. And my parents—ever generous and supportive of my creative passions—came through. This was, admittedly, a large and expensive ask. But in the days before bargain digital cameras and ever-present iPhones, this camcorder was the most affordable device with which I could make home movies. Although these weren’t … Read More

Do You Have the Patience for Long Things?


My fiancé is threatening to burn my books. Well, not all of them. At least, not yet. Just the one I’m reading right now—Tocqueville’s 880-page Democracy in America. I complain about how long it is pretty much every night. Some of that whining is just to (lovingly!) push her buttons. But some of it is truly felt; it’s discouraging to … Read More