Hello, My Name is Ben

This is what I look like (a real human being!)

ben noble

I’m a copywriter, author, blogger, improviser, teacher and speaker. I also have a cat, so that’s neat?

Want to learn more? Each week, I publish a essay in my Three Things series, about creativity, improv, and inspiration. It’s like a creative reboot for your brain.
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You People Still Want More?

Things I’ve Done

  • Published Improv ABC, a beginners guide to becoming an unstoppable improviser
  • Worked with copywriting clients big and small—from McDonald’s and Bass Pro Shops to CareFit Studio and Madarasz Photography—to help them build their brands and grow their audiences.
  • Spoken at events like Bright & Early, where I shared my story about how improv has helped me become more creative, collaborative, and a better person
  • Worked with Corporations, Agencies, and Universities to guide interactive workshops about using improv to improve the organization


Things I’m Doing

  • Working on a second book
  • Writing Three Things, a weekly newsletter about creativity,
    improv, and inspiration.
  • Reading a lot of books and petting my cat

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