Get Some Clarity Before 2018 with the Tarot

One thing social media is still good for: book recommendations. You follow your icons; they share what they’re reading. Often, they’ll be books you’ve never heard of, books outside your area of interest, books that make little sense given that artist’s oeuvre. Sometimes, you might be inclined to pick up those books and expand your own mind. That’s how I ended up with a copy of Jessa Crispin’s The Creative Tarot a year ago.

Why did I buy the book? I can’t say. I was more inclined to mock mysticism—things like horoscopes, palmistry, and personality quizzes that offer up vague descriptions and generic predictions that could apply to basically anyone—than I was to believe I’d find anything useful in Crispin’s work.

But after reading the first chapter, my attitude changed. My mind was more open. Crispin was not shilling for the tarot, or magic, or the art of predicting the future. She evinced, instead, a very rational approach to the dark arts:

“[Tarot] is not necessarily about telling the future. It is about retelling the present…A particular card will show up because, in some way, we need it to. We are not causing the cards to fall the way they do, but each card is a meaningful coincidence.”

Her argument directly countered my own, and it was especially powerful because it turned a weakness into a strength. Yes, the cards show up at random. Yes, the cards are vague and repetitive. But that is by design. With generic definitions, they are widely applicable and allow your subconscious to operate, within the context of your specific problem, to detect the underlying relevance and advice.

In parallel universe, I noted the interesting argument, finished the book, and rarely thought about the tarot ever again. But in this universe, I shared the book with my friend, Brian, who was also intrigued. He pressured me to join him in starting a tarot podcast so that we could develop and practice our reading skills. Over a year later, I’ve learned what each card means and, more importantly, how to make sense of them within a more complicated reading. And I’ve seen the tarot help people plan for marriage, switch jobs, and start small businesses. I even consult the cards to help with my own intractable issues from time to time.

creativity tarot spread

As you look towards 2018, maybe you’re not sure what’s on the horizon. Maybe you’re thinking about starting a new blog, developing a new creative habit, or taking an improv class. Or maybe you’re stuck. Maybe you have a serious case of creator’s block. Maybe you’re afraid to share something you’ve made with the world. Whatever’s on the horizon, I want to help you find clarity and make progress. That’s why I thought I’d try something fun for the holidays.

If you are interested in seeing what the tarot can do for you, then let’s get on Skype and do a 30 minute Tarot Clarity Consultation. You’ll share your question or concern, and we’ll do a 7-card reading to figure out where you’re going, what might stand in your way, and how to overcome any obstacles. I’ll walk you through each card, explain it, and put it into the context of the reading. And when it’s over, I’ll send you a write up of our conversation so you can remember everything we discussed and reference it in the New Year.

To sign up, all you have to do is click here. I look forward to meeting up in cyberspace and helping you find clarity soon!

Happy Holidays. ?

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