I’m Ben—I help busy people like you find time to pursue their passions and live richer lives.

If you think that sounds overblown, I don’t blame you. After all, how could working on a passion project change anything? It’s not as if you have a ton of free time. In fact, that’s the problem. You’re stressed enough as it is. How could adding something help?

But trust me. Or at least, give me a chance. Because discovering my own creativity—making time for myself, pursuing my passions—opened new doors and radically redirected my life for the better. And I know it will for you too.

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Many People Are Saying…

“In light of our exchange last week—and partly inspired by it—I rebooted a defunct mailing of my own…I’ll reaffirm again my gratitude for your work.”Jay G. 

“I find your blog a particularly nice way to start the week.  It’s a kind of self care.”Ash K.